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Red Cross Symbolizing Medical Grade Lanolin
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About Us
Lanicare™ Skin Products
Lanicare™ products was established for a very singular purpose. We exist solely to develop, manufacture, and broadly distribute, powerful new skin-care products based on the potent benefits of ultra purified medical grade (USP) lanolin.
The concepts behind Lanicare™ were developed by Dr. Stephen Sutton who, for many years, worked to make lanolin more accessible in consumer skin products. His efforts led to the development of uniquely potent, but highly spreadable, medical lanolin formulations.
Today, our mission is simple. We strive to be world leaders in the formulation, manufacture, and application of skin-care products based on ultra purified lanolin (with the aim of making medical lanolin more broadly accessible).
Supporting this mission requires commitment to excellence and investment. So, we work hard to meet the challenge. From building state of the art formulation facilities to continuous development of new products, we're doing exciting new things (and growing) on a daily basis.
Woman Working in a Skin Care Development Laboratory on a Lanolin Based Product
Manufacturing Worker Loading Lanolin into a Stainless Steel Vessel Used to Make Skin Care Producs
Truck Hauling Lanolin Skin Product to Points of Distribution
Woman Pharmacist Selling a Lanolin Based Skin Care Product
File Drawer Labled "Ethics"
Famous Staircase at the Vatican Museum in Rome (a Masterpiece of Architecture)
Red Drop of Fluid With Cross Inside Designed to Represent Pure Medical Lanolin for Use in Skin Care
Red Medical Cross Symbolizing the Use of Medical (USP) Lanolin in Lanicare (TM) Skin Products
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Cute Bunny Rabbit Nibbling (Symbolizing Our Commitment Not Participate in Animal Testing of Our Lanolin Skin Care Products)
Unlike many organizations involved in marketing skin-care products, we are also very committed to a strict policy of ethics. Plain and simple, we won't sell a product unless we feel its truly the best of its kind (like a masterpiece of art or architecture). We're just not here to hype a product for short term profits. Rather we're serious about offering genuine, long term, value to customers.
We also meet the very highest standards when it comes to use of natural/sustainable ingredients and adherence to environmentally sustainable practices. We don't employ animal testing (or use materials from any supplier who does). More generally, Lanicare™ is committed to the global community.
All Lanicare™ products are produced entirely in the US. Our state of the art facilities are located in rural North Carolina not far from Charlotte and the RTP. This location benefits a small local community while being accessible to important technology hubs. Our 31,000 Sq. Ft. of production, lab, and office space are located in the small town of Star, NC (along the recently completed I-73/74 corridor).
North Carolina State Flag
Local Mountains in Early Morning Fog
Skyline of Charlotte North Carolina at Night
If you have further questions, please give us a call. We exist to service our customers and hope to offer comprehensive information regarding our products, services, and practices. We look forward to answering your questions or hearing any feedback you'd like to offer.