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Lanicare™ Medical Lanolin Moisturizers
For millennia, lanolin has been known for its remarkable ability to soften, heal, and moisturize skin (lanolin story). Inspired by this ancient lanolin history, 19th century German pharmacists used lanolin to develop the first ever skin creams (Nivea). Even at tiny doses in these skin products, lanolin proved to be the most powerful and important emollient ever known. Yet, although lanolin now enables countless skin products, its potent benefits are just beginning to be fully realized.....
Owing to its heavy texture and general aesthetics, ordinary concentrated lanolins have traditionally proved suitable only for limited medical application. Lanicare™, for the first time, unleashes the full potency of special, ultra purified, medical (USP) lanolins in highly spreadable but concentrated/powerful lanolin formulations.
Lanicare™ products are formulated to lusciously deliver a high concentration of special ultra-purified medical grade lanolin directly to skin. While easy to spread (learn about formulated lanolin textures), each Lanicare™ product delivers a lustrous (but quickly non-greasy/oily) lanolin infusion for intensive moisturization and healthy radiance.
The Lanicare™ family includes a broad range of medical lanolin formulations which have been optimized, through many years of research and development, for different areas of the body. Whatever your specific need (whether to soften, heal, or moisturize) you'll find a lanicare product ideally suited to your application..
Whether you suffer from embarrassing/uncomfortable conditions such as eczema, wish to restore youthful glow (minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars), or simply desire excellent moisturization to maintain healthy skin, you'll find a potent lanicare option. In addition, you'll love the golden look and quick non-oily feel of each carefully crafted lanicare™ product.
We invite you to explore the full breadth of Lanicare™ skin products using our online lanolin skin products catalog. Also, you may navigate directly to products for lips, face,hands, feet, body/legs, lactation, or male dry skin via the menu bar at the top of the page. Join the ranks of devoted Lanicare™ users today!
Red Drop of Liquid With Medical Cross Inside Symbolizing Medical USP Lanolin
Red Cross Symbolizing Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin
USP Lanolins
Medical Lanolin
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Lip and Skin Balm Based on Ultra Purified Medical (USP) Grade Lanolin
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Woman Applying a Medical USP Lanolin Skin Cream to the Skin on Her Face
Dollop of Pure Lanolin in Raw Form Appropriate for Use in Making Skin Care Products
Woman Rubbing Lanolin on Her Hands to Soften Skin, Nails, and Cuticles
Beautiful Woman Applying Lanolin Skin Cream to Soften the Skin on Her Legs
Athletic Man Applying a Lanolin Based Skin Product to His Neck and Back
Man Applying a Lanolin Based Lotion to the Skin on His Chest
Beautiful Woman Applying Lanolin Based Lip and Skin Balm to Her Lips