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Skin Care for Diabetes

Living with diabetes comes with its unique set of challenges, and one often overlooked aspect is the impact it can have on our skin. Dry skin is a common issue faced by many diabetics, and taking proactive steps to care for your skin is essential for overall well-being.

Note: This information is for reference only and should not replace professional advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions regarding a medical condition

The Link Between Diabetes and Dry Skin

Living with diabetes, elevated blood sugar levels and poor circulation can impair the skin's ability to retain moisture, leading to dryness. Additionally, neuropathy, a common condition experienced by diabetics, can affect the skin's ability to regulate moisture levels. As a result, diabetics often encounter a range of dry skin issues that require attention and care.

Dry skin in diabetics manifests in various ways. Many experience persistent itching and flaking, which can be uncomfortable and irritating. Lack of moisture can lead to the development of rough, cracked skin, especially on the feet and hands. Furthermore, dry skin is prone to cracking, increasing the risk of slow wound healing, infections, and ulcers. Therefore, it is crucial for diabetics to address these concerns promptly.

Essential Skincare Practices for Diabetics

To effectively combat dry skin, diabetics should follow a skincare routine tailored to their specific needs. Hydration plays a vital role, as drinking plenty of water helps moisturize the body from within and keeps the skin hydrated. Additionally, regular moisturization is essential. Using a lanolin-based moisturizer, such as Lanicare™, can help replenish lost moisture and create a protective barrier on the skin.

Gentle cleansing is another crucial aspect of skincare for diabetics. Opting for mild, fragrance-free cleansers helps avoid stripping away natural oils and further drying out the skin. It is also important to protect sensitive areas prone to dryness and cracks. Diabetics should pay special attention to their feet, applying lanolin-based creams to prevent dryness and maintain the skin's integrity.

Diabetic Foot Care

Due to an increased likelihood of foot issues, diabetics should prioritize foot care. Daily foot inspections are necessary to check for any cuts, sores, or signs of infection. Prompt medical attention should be sought if any issues are identified. Keeping the feet dry is also crucial to prevent fungal infections, so it is essential to thoroughly dry the feet, especially between the toes. Opting for well-fitting, breathable shoes helps reduce friction and promotes air circulation. Regular visits to a podiatrist for foot exams can identify and address any potential issues proactively.

Lanicare™ and Diabetes

Lanicare™ moisturizers and emollients are specifically designed to meet the needs to moisturize diabetic skin conditions. The Lanicare™ family of products offers a unique combination of extreme moisturization, hypoallergenicity, and a range of textures.

Lanicare™ contains medical grade (USP) lanolin. This lanolin closely mimics the skin's natural barrier lipids, helping seal in moisture, soften the skin's protein structures, and improve water concentrations. To understand a bit more about lanolin, visit our What is Lanolin? page.

For diabetics, we suggest our Medium or Light product blends. The difference between the two products is the texture that they are presented in. Medium is gel-like and designed for large areas roughly 9-10" in length such as the forearms or calves. Whereas our light blend is almost like a thin liquid, meant to be easily spreadable over very larger areas such as the legs, or back.

It is recommended to for application directly after showering or as needed.

If you prefer something thicker, we provide a variety of products that range in consistency and texture to ensure a more pleasurable experience. Please click here to see our full catalog.

Discretion Matters To Us

We at Lanicare understand it can be hard to discuss matters such as these in public. For that reason we provide discrete packing on all of our products to ensure customer confidence and privacy.